Aerowinx Precision Simulator X
Quote:Precision Simulator version 10 (PSX) has been released in August 2014.

Precision Simulator is a stand-alone flight & systems trainer for professionals – and for everyone interested in professional operations.


As you are getting again into PSX, if you see some news regarding graphics or scenery, please keep me informed here.

Yes Tony,

back to PSX. There are many things happening there, from a totally revised weather engine coming in 2019 and allowing for the injection of weather from flight planning tools like PFPX or Simbrief, to the new generation FMC.  ( skip to the last posts... )

Also very satisfied with a moded version of Tellurium which I use solely while at ground, for taxiing, pushback and alignment for takeoff... You can get it here:

For those useing FSX, or P3D for the visuals, WidePSX is also progressing considerably:
You seems happy with PSX.

I am happy to have you stay in the sim community Smile 

Thanks for your infos and links, I will re-use them the day I am back on PSX!


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