Airfoillabs Cessna 172 SP for X-Plane
(12-01-2018, 04:58 PM)jcomm Wrote: Honestly, don't go for that one - wats of time / money

Hasn't received updates and I found even the REP mod more well suited

The Airfoilabs stopped in time and is not accompanying the evolution of XP11 after the new propwash effects have been introduced.

Don't waste your money Tony.

Too late, Jose.

Now I see a few threads indeed saying that the FM is not accurate, but also some good reviews.

If it's only the propwash but the overall FM is plausible, then it's OK for me. I don't regret the purchase. What I regret is having bought ELITE that I uninstalled.

That said, this C172 is less powerful than the A2A C172.

The default C172 isn't bad either, and my preferred is the REP mod, which adds to the default one, and is a LOT cheaper than the Airfoilabs.

Maybe the Airfoilabs will receive an update when 11.30 get's stable  ( ? )
I start to see the flaws of the Airfoillabs (no left yaw after take off, problem with climb speed, ...).

Problem is I don't like the graphics of the default 172.

I am considering the Carenado F33A + REP. Sounds good?

My only C172s for XP11 are the default, Airfoilabs ( I would never buy it if I knew... ) and the REP mod - not bad!

I ear the best about the REP mods for the Carenados - it's like A2A's Accusim :-)

The hype about the FF A320 U is yet another thing I would not advice to follow... Better go Tooliss A319, and wait for the FF stuff to be fine tuned...

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