Condor2 the Competition Soaring Simulator

The Competition Soaring Simulator

Ten years after its initial release, Condor The Competition Soaring Simulator remains the best soaring simulator.
The version 2 is now entering beta stage. Hopefully it will reach the online stores for Christmas 2017 or the first 2018 quarter.

The beta-test is in progress and sometimes a Condor2 test server can be seen on the multiplayer server list.

Condor 2 is now available for purchase!
ASK-21 and Ventus 3 for Condor 2 are now available for purchase.



Quote:News Update

Development continues at great pace on Condor 2. Support for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset is well advanced. Its currently in Beta test, and we hope to release it in version 2.0.5 soon.

We've also been busy with planes. Two more have been added in the Hangar Updates recently.

To get the new planes, download an install Hangar Update 3 from here:

Then buy a license key here

The community has really got behind the creation of new landscapes for Condor 2 and we are pleased to see how many are now finished and released.

New Planes

Schleicher ASK-21

The two seat training glider. Highly detailed cockpit and  totally realistic handling, including stalling, spinning and sideslips.
Schempp Hirth Ventus 3

Beautiful to fly and a really nice cockpit, the latest Ventus with 15m and 18m wingspans

Quote:Condor update 2.0.5 with support for Virtual Reality glasses

Condor now natively supports Oculus Rift, but also other headsets (HTC Vive etc.)


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