Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator

Bush Flight Simulator

Revealed at Flight Sim 2017 (Cosford, UK) by REMEX Software, Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator is an extremely exciting and promising project. As the name implies, it is a simulator entirely focused on bush flying, an activity that immediately reminds me of the time when I spent countless less hours flying in the wild with my Real Air Scout. Deadstick means to fly, especially to land, an aircraft without power.

The author, Chris Cheetham, a private pilot and former developer from EA, aims at providing an accurate flight model and study level cockpit. Obviously from the screenshots, a highly graphic detailed Piper Cub equipped for bush will be made available, to fly in Alaska and Idaho. Other aircrafts and sceneries, if any, are not known at this time. To bring a full immersive experience, Deadstick features a first person simulation that is the player is free to jump in and out of the aircraft at any time and is required to do so to load and unload cargo, and pre-flight the aircraft. There is also a management system as aircraft can also be fully customized, painted and upgraded to increase performance.

The general purpose civil flightsim market is already saturated with both giant stakeholders and newcomers. So a dedicated bush simulator is a really great and smart idea. As far as I know, Deadstick is the first bush flight simulator ever. There was a golden age for simulated bush flying popularized by Emma Field, Misty Fjords, Tongass Fjords, and GeoRender sceneries for Flight Simulator in the 2000's. However it slowly faded out even if some micro-communities such as Misty Mooring as are still alive. Whilst bush flying remains a niche market, Deadstick can quite possibly revive and boost the genre by bringing in new fresh air.

In my humble opinion, to be successful, the product should meet a couple of criteria:

1. True to life flight physics to gain the status of 'simulator' instead of game
2. Realistic weather model
3. Detailed scenery and nice graphics since flying VFR implies watching a lot outside of the cockpit
4. Objectives and challenges to entertain the player and avoid boredom in the long run
5. Aircrafts and sceneries DLC (it's a wild guess but I don't think the software will be open to 3rd parties)
6. Launch a community forum, aside Steam

Above all, some kind of magic has to be added to the recipe.

The developer seems aware of all that, so we'll need to see how it is implemented.

I've been simming since 1995, that is 22 years ago. During that time I had 4 crushes: Hornet 2.0 for Macintosh with which I started flightsimming. Then came the  SF-260 addon aircraft by RealAir Simulations. Then came the Dodosim Bell 206 addon, and eventually Condor The Competition Soaring Simulator. Deadstick quite might be the fifth crush! The release is scheduled  for summer 2018 and I cannot wait to get my hand on it to write a review for you.

For more information:
Early Access on Steam is postponed to Q1 2019.

Early Access release should happen soon.


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