First impressions on X-Plane 11
I like :
- The feeling of flight, of 'floating/moving' in the air
- The sensation of speed during the take-off run
- The default scenery which is better than P3D
- The sensation of altitude due to the scenery

The road network, landclass and autogen are very immersive.

So I think that I will stay on the default scenery and stick to the rule of not buying.

I won't uninstall XP11  Mrgreen

However I won't uninstall P3D either Wink Maybe I will not renew my monthly developer license in december, so that I can get to know better XP.

In the end, I will probably keep both sims!

Is it true that you saw me installing XP in your dreams? Or you dream (hope) seeing me installing XP?

I did dream in the hope sense …

Strangely, and although a good part of my days is made thinking of aviation, I rarely dream about aviation and even less flight simulation :-)

Just had a few very realistic flying dreams in my life.

But I dream / hope that now you installed XP11 you can really enjoy it.

Yes, even the defaukt scenery which keeps being updated for free and includes a zillion more of airfields than default FSX / p3D is very good and plausible, specially the sloped runways when within areas of good mesh.

There are also excellent alternatives, like using orthophotos, etc...

one thing I didn't quite understand …

Did you buy XP11 already ? 

Regarding add-ons, the main problem with X-plane is that while there are many freeware options, and also payware, they tend to not be able to follow the dynamic evolution of the platform, and so and so forth …

There are very few available options of good quality when it comes to tubeliners. The Airbuses, which are now my preferred since a few years, although I still like the PSX 744 :-), have a few available versions. I have had pretty much every model, but presently I only had the FF A320 U and the Tooliss A319. Although the 320 looks like a much more detailed approach, truth is the development happens pretty much in the dark, and some quairks are never acknowledged, or, when acknowledged like this one I reported long ago, not solved or addressed anymore :-/

Tooliss has a more stable development, and the author is actually the guy who initially developed the same FBW module they're all based in, less the JarDesign, which together with the IPACS, which gave rise to the Tooliss, were the first I used and really liked. I never upgraded the JarDesign A320 to XP11 though.  Tooliss A319 is really a great model, very polished, and keeps being updated, and the guy behind it ( GlidingWiki ) is active at their support forum!

Then you shouldn't really miss the most dynamic ever freeware add-on for any flight simulator I have used. The author must be hyperactive or so... Sometimes he can release as much as 4 updates in a week!

It is the well known / acclaimed ZIBO 737-800 project. Check here, download and test - it's also a good test for the performance of your rig because it can really impact in terms of FPS!

Ah!  Important !!! In the "General" options make sure you set "number of flight models per frame" to at least one tich from full left - that will correspond to 3. For helicopters I sometimes even mode it to 4.  These parameter addresses the fineness of the flight dynamics poll for variables within the whole clock cycle of the sim. It can lower FPS, but it's certainly worth for faster or more complex aerodynamics ( like the rotaries )

Since Weather is another area where a flightsim must shine, and the announcement of the imminent release of ASXP is motivating a few posts at the forums, I leave here a post I just made at AVSIM on a thread about ASXP. of course I can't dig into details because I am still under NDA...
Hello Jose,

Yes I purchased XP11 Bigsmile 

Thanks for the insight and history on liners.

As for P3D, I start small with GA AC. Liners will be for later, but good to know and think in advance.

At this time I am thinking about the FF A320.

However it comes without documentation whereas the Aerosoft A320 for P3D has a full documentation and especially a tutorial flight that I need.

Many thanks for ""number of flight models per frame"", I will was absolutely not aware and now I somewhat understand, will do as you say.


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