Flight planning programs for P3D

Flight planning programs
For P3D


Needless to say, to do some serious flying, you need a flight planning program. There are four available:
FSTramp is the successor of the very popular FSNavigator in the days of FS2004 and can be used in full during a trial period of 20 Flight Simulator sessions, so that you can form your own opinion. The program is in my opinion best suited for General Aviation. Unlike FS Navigator that you owned once purchased, FSTramp has to be rented per year, just like the P3D license. PFPX is more dedicated to airliners and has no demo version and a non recurring price model. FlightSim Commander (not listed above) is not compatible with P3D.

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I had FS Navigator long ago - ages ago :-)

A couple years ago I bought PFPX, because of it's seamless integration with Aerowinx PFPX, Active Sky and now also Navigraph. I like it very much, but honestly sometimes I end up using the online and free "Simbrief" which also integrates with Navigraph, and Active Sky.
Sorry I did not see your message jcomm Shame 

For me FSNavigator (now FSTramp) is the best for general aviation and PFPX for liners.


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