Flightsim coach or instructor
Hi jcomm,

As you know I can fly the 777. I love it but is it flying? Or pushing buttons, monitoring the systems and watch the plane fly? Of course I will come back to the 777 but as I said, with my new P3D fresh install I want to re-learn the basics. I have the A2A C172 which I'm using now. And when the time comes for me to go faster I already have the A2A Bonanza V35 in the hangar. And then the 777 Thumbup 

For re-learning the basics, do you accept to be my flightsim coach or instructor?

Rest assured, I do not expect you to write lessons for me. There is plenty of material on the web. I will read and work first before asking precise questions, requiring only straight to the point and not time consuming answers. If that is fine for you the first theme would be altimetry.

It's been a long time since I used MSFS / P3D and the 777, but of course I will be willing to help if I can…

But I'm really not an expert in the type, although I must say it's one of my preferred Boeings :-)

PMDG had done a nice job, and although not as far as most would like, found some good compromise regarding the modeling of the C*u fbw law used in the 777s.  Initially after release it was broken.
Sorry, I was not clear.

I don't need a 777 coach, I mean it's complex.

I need a coach to re-learn the basics on a simple C172 Wink


Ok, I'll try for that as well :-)
Thanks! Bigsmile


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