Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles

I re-installed Il-2 yesterday. I won't have time to fly it before May-June but I am curious: which 'battles' do you have?

I have Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kuban.

I Tony,

I have em'all, Premium versions, so, also Moscow and Bodenplatte.

IL-2 turned out to be my preferred flightsim, as you know.

I still use Condor v2, and even ELITE XTS. P3D and XP are on hold, but I don't bet I will ever re-install either, at least in their present versions.

Only problem is that IL2 a addictive :_)
Hopefully in June I will be in position to chat a bit with you on IL-2 :)

It's indeed a very good sim, flight dynamics wise.

I only regret having fallen in love with playing like a kid dogfights :-)  Shouldn't be the case, but it's how it turned out to be, leaving for a good 2nd place all other siiming deals :-)

The feel of flight is unique, the dev team support examplar.

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