P3Dv4 or X-Plane 11?
I myself don't know Tony...

It's a "perpetual" quest for the right choice, as you already glimpsed :-)

In one hand, a stable, well established, but also almost stagnated platform ( MSFS / ESP / P3D ) that although powerful ( let's not forget the approach followed by Bruce Artwick is exactly the same used in the full flight simulators that CAE, Thales and a few more emergent companies produce, only differing in the source data available for $Ms …

In the other, a dynamic project that Austin started in the late nineties and has always promised the most advanced features a flight simulator could have on a desktop PC, but in the end turns out to be a true nightmare for developers and users because most of the great features it includes are never "polished" and when introduced sometimes take "ages" to be fine tuned, the infamous "torque bug" introduced somewhere along XP9 being an exemplar case.

Truth is I can't still find in X-Plane any Boeing aircraft implemented to the level of sophistication PMDG can offer in P3D, the same applying to other add-on classes like ATC robots and Weather injectors. Well, for other aircraft types, namely helicopters and Russian aircraft / airliners, there are actually add-ons with even probably superior level of detail, like for instance ( but not only ) all Fellis creations ( that Tu-154 being one of the latest … )

But when you take a Boeing or any other aircraft and specially a rotary wing, in X-Plane you surely find the differences between the platforms. Also, if you are willing to close your eyes to picky stuff I keep looking at, like the daylight not being in correct agreement with RW at certain dates of the year, and the Moon not being in it's right position and phase according to date - both correctly modelled in FSX since version 10, ELITE, IL2 and DCS - then truth is default scenery in XP11 is way ahead of what we can have in the ESP platform, and we have to pay fortunes to get the same there... not to talk with an up-2-date database of navaids and airfields that get's updated quite frequently.

And yet, everytime I wake up thinking - Ok, from today on, it'll be XP11 only, no hope left for ESP / P3D... I find new reasons not to be so drastic like that recent post at "FSDeveloper", full of EXCELLENT news for MSFS / ESP / P3D users and developers:

Just one more point...

contrarily to what most say, ESP / MSFS / P3D are still alive among their developers and dedicated users communities.

At FSDeveloper very recently a superb project was made public and available ( gnu license ) for serious developers, allowing for a myriad of features to be fine tuned in various areas of the simulation.

Not something that most certainly FSLabs and PMDG, as well as A2A already use in some sort of way, but still, a proof that this platform is still evolving!

jcomm, you make a lot of very interesting posts. Oh man, you think and type so fast! I am much slower. I am interested though, and will answer when you do not expect Wink


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