The perfect Flight Simulator
The title rings a bell? Laugh

Based on previous an current discussions I thought this thread is necessary Wink
(10-15-2018, 08:25 AM)jcomm Wrote: There are still many details that I look for not present in XP. Picky things, as I told you, like precise daylight according to day of the year and P3D / FSX do an acceptable but not so good job... XP is completely out of sync at some times, and the Moon is a toy that has it's own will....

From my point of view you are looking for the perfect simulator. Hence your hope everytime a new flightsim or major addon is released. It can be a never ending quest. A flightsim is a simulator about flying aicrafts. Ok but an aicraft travels in air and air is part of the world. The world is huge. What needs to be simulated in the sim, and what does not need to or is second priority? Regarding the moon I think you wish a good earth/universe sim withing the flightsim. And I know why you are sensitive.

There are chances that Deadstick do a good job on day/night/calendar because one of its objectives is to give the ability to have a "life" or at least some activities outside of the aircraft.

In some way that's indeed my ever lasting quest, since I started using flight simulators, but sometimes it is more of a wish that we could have in a single simulator all of the good aspects / features of the various.

We have plausible daylight / daytime according to date in sims like ELITE, MSFS, P3D and even IL2 Battle of Stalingrad and DCS World, so, why not in X-Plane, Aerowinx PSX, Condorsoaring, Slent Wings, etc...

Then we can easily pick other features and find them better represented in this or that simulators, and lacking in others.

I tend to define basic features, like the World representation with it's major components, and then I accept that each simulator focuses on it's own theme(s).

I am still puzzled by the accuracy / quality / plausibility of military flight simulation tittles in as far as flight dynamics and systems modelling, damage modelling and sometimes even scenery, weather and graphics go, together with usually an excellent performance compared to our civil flight simulators. But then these simulators cover specific regions of the World only, and epohcs… and are War-oriented games...

Lately I've been trying to concentrate my attention in X-Plane 11, while keeping an eye in both IL2 and DCS, and actually using IL2. I find that X-Plane is finally moving again at cruise speed, and bringing new and important features with each new update of it's present version - 11. FSX is stagnated, and P3D moves very slowly, mainly updating core components that were ported to 64 bit, and optimized for the move to VR. 

Deadstick looks promising and I really hope for the best regarding that upcoming new simulator.

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