What was your first flight simulator?
Hey jcomm,

F/A-18 Hornet for Macintosh (1993) was my first sim.

Usually every sim I talk about you are aware and have played.

But I bet that you did not fly this one Mrgreen

RaiderOne (RO) and jcomm,

What was your fisrt sim?

I forgot but actually my first sim was Solo Flight for the Apple II.

Tony, really no images, but it was FS1 in an AMIGA around 1984 I guess

Then in 1988 a teacher of mine at Lisbon University called me to watch FS2 running on a Mac, and it was love again :-)

From there until becoming a true addict for airline simulation, first with fas4 and an old Airbus Simulator by Thalion:

other tittles like CYAC and a few military heli sims were also tried...

ELITE in one of it's first versions caught my attention, but I only got it around 2005...

And yes the Airbus Simulator by Thalion was indeed famous in that time and for a long time!


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