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ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - Simicro - 08-05-2019

jcomm, your love (that is the Toliss), has been updated Wink 

Have you been flying laterly and on which sim and plane? I'm curious.

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - jcomm - 08-06-2019

Mainly IL-2 GB, when I'm in the mood :-)

But the Toliss was my preferred airbus for X-Plane 10 and 11.

For P3D my last airbus was the FSLabs.

None of the buses satisfied me, on either platform... I was even tempted to invest in Airlinetools A32x, aka PSX of the Airbus, but been told it has many bugs, and development progresses slowly :-/

So, pretty much only IL-2 GB these days, looking calmly fwd into what MS FS 2020 may bring.

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - Simicro - 08-07-2019

So you are in a Il-2 era Wink 

I have PSX but confess that I did'nt fly it much since I got it in 2014... already 5 years ago! One day...

Let's see indeed what MS FS 2020 will bring us.

But I'm not in a hurry. Even if MS FS 2020 is released next year, I plan to stay at least 2 years with P3D which I'm satisfied with. And also to get a return on investment of the numerous addons I bought. Last but not least MS FS 2020 needs to get mature Laugh  It won't happen overnight. If next year I fly MS FS 2020, it will be on GA AC.

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - jcomm - 08-08-2019

I see your point Tony, and it makes sense !

Regarding my flight simulation interests, at the moment, and probably as a result of the decay with years & years in front of a monitor playing it, I no longer can get much joy out of simulating an airline flight, and honestly all of the other simulators leave a lot to be desired whrn it comes to the sensation of flying a GA, so, I have adhered to the Air Combat genre, and IL-2 pretty much represents it better thanall I have tested / used so far.

I can take it for a runway circuit, a casual MP dogfight / furbal, very rarely a mission since I do  not have the time, nor the mood to play in such mode. Or...

War Thunder is even better in terms of gameplay - a trully addictive game ! - but when I start looking at the simulation details, specially in the flight dynamics and overall physics modelling I miss IL-2 :-)

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - jcomm - 08-12-2019

Hey, Tony ?!.... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yesterday I landed the tripple seven at LPPT after a short circuit - was really missing it :-)
And why do I always have the sensation that each time I try this sim again it behaves even better than before performance wise?

This turn around I managed to use FSGRW 64 bit version in it's network mode, running it in an ASUS laptop, and the sim in my "main" desktop - even smoother, and I really like the simplicity, but effectiveness of FSGRW.

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - Simicro - 08-12-2019

Hello Jose Bigsmile 

I know what it is to fly again the 777 after an absence Wink In the end, you and me are alike! We do this or that and at a stage we get bored and unninstall, stop, pause or move to something else. But one day or another we end up returning to flightsimming, on a flightsim or another Laugh That is written in our Fate!

I had a period from may to July on the 777 and I had a great time with it but at this time I am in VFR/IFR in small aircrafts, the A2A C172 and a bit the A2A Cherokee (just as by the end of last year).

I imagine that you landed the T7 at LPPT... in P3D? Or FSX? I don't recall what is your last version.

Regarding FSGRW 64 bit version, I've just read that the 64 bit version is recent, april of this year. Over the years, I realized that FSGRW has a small however happy user base.

I use Active Sky in combination with REX Sky Force 3D for clouds and I'm happy so I'll stick with that. I've tried ENVSHADE 2 months ago but was not satisfied so deleted it. Besides, shaders can cause some conflicts with addons, and I'm not anymore into tweaking.

Last but not least: you have great expectations for MSFS 2020, but you know, in the beginning there won't be study-level airliners I believe so you'll have to fly GA AC. Also, in preparation of MSFS 2020, as flightsim is one of your 1-2 main hobbies, maybe you could start to spare money for a new rig. Because your current one is rather old if I recall correctly.

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - jcomm - 08-12-2019

Yes Tony,

having a great time with P3Dv4.5, and the 777 which is my only airliner for that version of P3D. Actually together with the FSLabs A319 and A320 the only aircraft add-ons I have for P3D 64 bit.

And yes, we should have to wait a long time before FS2020, whatever it may become, settles... Meanwhile I see no other choice for me, regarding civil flight simulation, than P3D - I always give up in XP11 for the most various reasons :-/

RE: ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3 - Simicro - 08-12-2019

I am still on P3Dv4.4 because I feel it is a good version and I was lazy to read how to update. I've never done it. Also I'm not sure all the addons I have are compatible.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it Laugh

Me too I have 2 airliners for P3D: the 777 and the Aerosoft A320. I've flown the last one only 5-6 times by curiosity. I've never flown Airbus before in all my flightsim life.

XP is still on my SSD in case I feel the urge to fly another sim but since april P3D is my main sim.