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IMPORTANT NOTICE - Simicro - 10-31-2019


I have bluescreen on my PC... going to reinstall. Besides I have personal stuffs to deal with plus a work change. But my health is OK Smile

Consequently it is possible that this forum shuts down. If this happens, you can contact me by email. I need to make a pause on flightsims activities.

RE: IMPORTANT NOTICE : forum shutdown - jcomm - 11-01-2019

Roger that Tony.

Thanks for having provided the forum so far.

All of the Best!

Take some rest!!!!

Simulation can be exaustive at times :-/

RE: IMPORTANT NOTICE : forum shutdown - Simicro - 11-10-2019

Hosting was already paid until May 2020.

I've just renewed the domain name for 1 year.

I'm now on a new Win 10 OS but I don't think I'll install flightsims at this time. Maybe sometimes next year.