Your feedback is most welcome
Dear Early Adopters,

At this stage, the scope and stucture of the forum is set.

The one and only available Directory is for Flight Simulators. You can see it as a Proof Of Concept.

I am seeking feedback for that Directory in terms of editorial line, content, layout, in order to adjust if needed, before I replicate the model / template for the other directories (Naval Simulators, Driving Simulators, Other Simulators).

Please note that the visual identity (logo) of the forum is not available at this time, yet on the to do list.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback!
Hi Tony,
real life is getting in the way atm along with Rising Storm 2 :) 
Looking good RE website we just need to start posting stuff 

Catch up soon mate
Hello Cib,

I'm very happy to see you here Bigsmile 

You are the first poster!

Regarding real life, it always goes first, so no problem.

Regarding "Rising Storm 2: Vietnam", there was some Steam sales recently. I'm quite interested to try it but unfortunately I don't do multiplayer and Rising Storm is multiplayer only.

I really liked your articles on the two helicopter campaigns of DCS, including the Interview of the developers ... may I suggest that you do more of these articles? 

In particular, there is a new Campaign Developer I would love to know more about ... Bunyap has created three quality Campaigns in less than a year, this is unheard of and I truly believe that there is somethin special behind this, a good story.

Best regards,

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for registering the forum and sending your feedback. Much appreciated Smile 

While I do not own the modules to fly Bunyap campaigns, I do share your analysis and there is obviously something special going on with this developer. Additionally, there is at least one campaign that he designed together with Wags.

I'll do my best to write 1 or 2 campaign reviews this year.

Thanks again mate, for taking time to come here and write to me Thumbup

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