Please introduce yourself here
Hi everybody,

I'm 48 years old, from France.

In 1995, 22 years ago, I started to flightsim with Hornet 2.0 for the Macintosh.

In the 2000s Microsoft Flight Simulator was my main sim. During that period, I organized several Treasure Hunts ( for the enjoyment of the community and wrote articles for a french paper magazine dedicated to simulation.

In 2005 I had a crush for Condor The Competition Soaring Simulator. So with a couple of mates I founded the french speaking community ( and managed the forum and activities for over 10 years. Time flies!

In 2014 I started DCS and have been flying mostly helicopters (Mi-8 and UH-1 Huey). Now I'm waiting patiently for the F/A-18C Hornet. That would allow me to link back to the origin to speak so. I had a lot of fun with Hornet 2.0 and I still like the cockpit.

In 2018, I purchased ELITE XTS and I am looking forward to Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator. Meanwhile, I'm flying P3Dv4.


I'm jcomm,  just as @ other simulation forums.

Been simming "seriously" since around 1995, flying as a glider pilot since 1980.

Particularly interested in the achievable realism of flight simulation, concentrated for years in Civil sims, until my attention diverted towards combat sims, not because of their aim, totally out of interest for me, but rather because I find tjeir flight and systems modelling unique.

Presently I use DCS amd IL-2 as my main flight simulators, together with X-lane 11 and ELITE v8 and now v9.
Many thanks for registering and for your presentation jcomm Thumbup

I am honoured to see you here mate!

The flightsimming world is so small Wink
Welcome Dj_Evola,

For your information there is another "Jose" here and he is portuguese.

(09-14-2019, 04:33 PM)Simicro Wrote: Welcome Dj_Evola,

For your information there is another "Jose" here and he is portuguese.

xD...I had 4 job partners from Portugal, all good people!!

Hello to all of you!!
Thanks for registering Dj_Evola.

Your first name is Jose too?

As I told you this forum has no other ambition than chatting FS things between friends. Actually we were 3: me and RaiderOne are french and discuss in french in a private forum.

So jcomm (Jose) is Portuguese.

All the 3 of us are long experienced simmers and have flown many sims, especially jcomm. I don't kow a sim that he has not tried Laugh 

How long have you been simming and what sims?


(09-14-2019, 07:22 PM)Simicro Wrote: How long have you been simming and what sims?


I've tried a lot of sims before simulate the big ones. I started with the GREAT Falcon BMS with my beloved partners in the Escuadrón 69, now almost dead. DCS Ka-50 and DC10 were my last military in depth hardcore sims. After that I started to use FSX with orthos to fly VFR with the PA28, P3D to fly my precious PMDG 737 and FSLabs A320 but now I'm in love with X plane 11. I have almost all Europe with orthos and a part of UUEE (the part that Pilot Edge gives service) and mostly I'm flying Zibo's 738 and Flight Factor A320.

Now I'm doing an extensive checklist with XCheclist for FFA320. I'm trying to replicate more or less FS2Crew, that I miss soooo much in X Plane.

And yes, my name is Jose, but everyone call me Pepe, that is the same name (or Pepito...xD).
Thanks for your presentation Pepe!

My mate RaiderOne (RO) was a big hardcore fan of Falcon BMS!

I gave XP11 a try between dec 2018 and march 2019 but finally returned to P3D because I miss too much PMDG, A2A aircrafts and a couple of utilies. Otherwise the flight models and the default scenery of XP are quite convincing. And the good news for XP simmers is that there are more and more addons released for that platform.

One day, if P3D is dead, and if MSFS2020 is a failure, I will return to XP.

Oh! You know Pilot Edge! I gave it a try but too expensive for me. And finally I do not fly so often network.

Nice to have you here.

Un saludo!

(09-14-2019, 10:45 PM)Simicro Wrote: One day, if P3D is dead, and if MSFS2020 is a failure, I will return to XP.

Zibo's mod is freaking awesome, and the flight model, in my humble opinion is, by far, much better than PMDGs. I had the same feeling going to Xplane like when I went from Falcon to DCS. It's like flying on air, not on rails of a train. Zibo made me forget PMDG (Because I only fly 738 or 320, but I want to fly them as real as I can)
Welcome Jose ( Pepe ) :-)  Thumbup

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