Programs to fix and tune PC's
Some programs I use to fix and tune PC's, listed as they come into my mind:

jv16PowerTools ( formerly regcleaner ) from - best Registry Cleaner there is imho

Aida64 - for stability testing and Hardware Info

HWinfo - measure Volts, Temp, etc...  cant beat HWinfo..and its free

Intel Burn Test, IBTv2,  stress your RAM to see if it holds your OC 

Prime95 v26.6 ( no AVX code in 26.6 or earlier ) - use to stresstest CPU & RAM on past SandyBridge CPU's, DO NOT use newer versions as the AVX codec will heat your die like mad, only use newer ones with "MODEST OC" or "STOCK CLOCKS", unless you like fried dies for lunch ;)

LatencyMon.exe -  This tool can pinpoint you to Latency problems, usefull for stutter with sound and/or graphics

CoreTemp - monitor your CoreTemps in Systray, ALWAYS, plus Speed, Load, Ram usage, 

ProcessLasso - well, it's a tool to tie processes to certain cores, real helpful for DCS or other games.

MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 + Kombuster - unmatched OSD to see what your rig does while you game. without this OSD you may not find the cause for a problem that easy. temps, usage, powertarget, volts, anything, any card . a MUST HAVE !

Taiphoon.exe -  hardcore RAM programming and value reading - useful to see what die and specs like prod.week and such. if you run fast ram, this is real helpful to tweak them

CPUZ + GPUZ, a standard tool for info about those 2 + ram and its SPD timings and the values present now

RealBench 2.56 - after years of causing trouble, RB works again, another good testing/stressing tool. good to compare vs. others or other settings as it is an all-around test, more than just 3d or prime crunching.

understand your hardware, make it yours
Hello Bit,

Thanks for sharing.

I consider myself as a "medium-core" simmer / gamer. In the same idea, I think I have "soft" hardware knowledge Laugh Sometimes I will dig into hardware stuff if needed but most of the time I am more a "If it ain't broke don't fix it." guy  Laugh

So far I've used:
  • Intel Burn Test
  • CoreTemp
  • CPUZ
... not on a daily basis but only when I went into overclocking my PC... back in 2014!

Also I confess that I learnt about delidding by reading you and other mates on DCS Community forums two months ago. Before that I've never heard about delidding Shame
DCS 2.5 shifts requirements towards more RAM and VRAM.

16GB should be your new MINIMUM. Missions with more than a few assets will demand much more RAM to even load and function.

My tip, 32GB if you can, 24GB if nothing else works and if you are stuck with 8GB RAM you have to stick to very simple missions for now.

ED says they are working on a mechanism to save some RAM but I would not bet it fixes all the RAM concerns.

2 x SSD

That is about what I suggest for DCS.
Thank you very much Bit for coming and posting on this forum. We have only a few registered users, but 30-50 guests a day.

Sad news for me, I upgraded from 8 to 16 Gb last november Confused

Fortunately I am mostly doing freeflights on helicopters and occasionally some campaigns.

But still, very sad news Sad

I don't plan to upgrade again to some brand new 32 Gb taking into account the price of the RAM.

And I don't want to add 16 Gb to avoid mixing RAM brands or models.

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