I moved from FSX to P3Dv4

1) Yesterday I installed FSX.

2) Then uninstalled it and bought P3Dv4. I got the $9.95/Month developer licence (I thought about what you told me). Maybe later I'll get Academic (cheaper/year). Did you know that some aircrafts addons prices are indexed on the P3D Licence (Acadamic, Developer, Pro,...)? Main reason for going P3D is: get up to date, take full advantage of my graphic card (limited by FSX). Since yesterday, I've been reading, asking questions on forums to determine, what I have to buy again or not. Time consuming to read, understand, ask... I think I'll get the essentials addons and buy later the 777.

3) So I can say for sure: "Exit X-Plane", for at least 1-2 years, because we cannot spend money and time on too many things at the same time Wink I'm still on ELITE but I have the feeling that it will be more a "study" sim than a "regular flying" sim. Time will tell. Study sim is not bad for general culture and for satisfying curiosity Smile


P3D can become rather expensive, contrarily to X-plane where we have a lot for free, but then again, being a much older and stable platform P3D offers details that we can't still have in X-plane.

I had a few aircraft add-ons, including A2A and PMDG, RealAIr, Aerosoft, for FSX and then FSX:SE, but when I "migrated" to P3D, now P3Dv4, I only bought the PMDG 777 base package ( 200-LR ) which is one of those indexed items and costs a little fortune, and the FSLabs A320 and then the 319 package.

I have Active Sky 14 because I belong to the HiFi beta team.

I also bought only two scenery add-ons - ORBX FTX Global and LPMA - was really a free upgrade from Aerosoft, because I owned the FSX version already.

Anyway, when I use P3D, just as when I use XP11, I set the scenery to the sparse side. I am primarily concerned in a smooth "flight" experience, and well aware that my old rig isn't able to provide it all at the same time :-)

Regarding ELITE, indeed, it's a study sim, and one primarily focused in IFR.

DCS World also attracted me when I first tried the P51d in 2013. Wow!  It was so ahead of anything I had tried before for MSFS or X-plane. The A2A versions were a joke compared to it.  Then latter I bought the remaining WW2 modules, the UH-1H and the Mi-8 ( which I gave away to that friend from India I mentioned at another thread ).

But when I tried IL-2 well, again very uncomfortable with it being a combat sim again, it was love at first sight. Indeed, IL-2 is still and by far my preferred flight simulator for the "feel of flight" ever!
(10-07-2018, 11:24 AM)jcomm Wrote: the PMDG 777 base package ( 200-LR ) which is one of those indexed items and costs a little fortune

A2A aicrafts yes, but not the PMDG 777. I've just checked: "Compatible with any Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3.4-v4.x License Level."

Btw, I took me 2-3 days to install/study/customize P3Dv4 to my liking. I am nearly finished. I plan to re-start with the basics (and most important?) with a C172, things like you explained here. I don't know how long I will be able to stick to the discipline. But at this time I plan to get the 777 for P3D later, next year.

(10-07-2018, 11:24 AM)jcomm Wrote: But when I tried IL-2...it was love at first sight. Indeed, IL-2 is still and by far my preferred flight simulator for the "feel of flight" ever!

If it is a love then you will always come back to it even if you find a new love, maybe Deadstick Bush Flightsim, your "last hope" Wink

It's probably well known to you but I leave it here anyway, because it's a valuable source of free information in the form of excellent manuals provided by the FAA:

Thanks mate Wink 

I know but a reminder never hurts Thumbup 

I even have some printed "books" of them, like the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. Just need to re-read.

One month after my move to P3D I'm very happy.

My set-up (sim and addons) is finished.

The good news is that, unlike FSX, tinkering, tweaking and file editing is no more required.

The sim is stable, runs smooth on my rig and there is no CTD.

I'm now aware of what is going in the community and with addons makers in my fields of interest.

And finally I bridged some aviation knowledge gaps I had for decades.


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