X-Plane 11
The upcoming update for X-Plane 11, due out next week, is promissing to say the least:


Thanks for the news jcomm!

I made the "mental" decision that once I get my new SSD, I will give X-Plane 11 a try. I'm more and more curious about it. Long ago I tried XP (I don't remenber which version). I did not lilke the cockpit (graphics and not clickable) and the scenery but I  keep an excellent souvenir of "feel of flight".

It's a great flight simulator, for various reasons.

One of the reasons is both a "pro", and for developers a big "con" - dynamic development.

Austin and he's crew is back at work to make XP11 a really excellent general flight simulation platform, but just as he did with former versions, he introduces several modifications, corrections, improvements along the ride, which while being tempting for the future of the simulator, bring some nasty problems for developers looking for a stable platform.

Scenery wise, default XP11 is much better than default P3D. For the price of the base sim we get updated World airports that are really plausible and mimic very plausibly their rw counterparts without having to pay a little fortune if you want to have an extensive collection of airports in P3D.

Flight dynamics is also superior overall to MSFS / P3D, although for customized or external flight dynamics, some P3D products can be said to compete... Things as basic as prop effects are very tamed in MSFS / P3D, and present in all sorts of ways in XP11, although sometimes probably a bit overdone. Talented developers know tricks to fine tune their aircraft though, just like in MSFS / P3D. WHen it comes to rotary wing, vectored thrust, lighter than air, rockets, and combinations of various propulsion types in sophisticated projects then X-Plane is the only available choice unless you're good with just a few helis for DCS world, or are willing to buy and FNPT from ELITE or FRASCA etc...

Presently XP11 is my platform of choice, and I really look fwd for XP11.30 about to be released.
Sorry I did not reply earlier to your excellent owerview and analysis on X-Plane Thumbup I was busy with installing P3D, addons, tweaking, seeking help on AVSIM, etc. Well you know Wink

As I said, I took the decision to install X-Plane. It's only in my mind at this time. It's going to happen beginning of next year when I get my 2nd SSD.

What I observe is that, on FSX/P3D forums, there are more and more guys talking but also trying X-Plane. And some have both. That was already true in the past, but the trend is increasing IMHO. Will X-Plane beat P3D sometimes in the future? Hard to predict as of now. I really don't know but I would say that it can happen. It can be plausible.

As I said I tried X-Plane many years ago (don't remember which version) but I recall an impressive feeling of flying and of fluidity. But X-Plane lacked good sceneries and the panels were inferior to FSX. From what I can see and from your analysis, it seems that that time is over now. Yeah and by watching videos, I agree that default scenery seem even superior to P3D.

What also attracts me inX-Plane are the helos. I saw some very nice payware helos in some nice bush or urban sceneries. I was on DCS for 2 years, nearly exclusively for helos (Mi-8 and UH-1). Too bad that Dodosim never achieved to release the new Dodosim 206. It's dead now I believe. The devs went on the professional marker and just don't have time for the entertainment market anymore.

Regarding XP, I would have 2 questions:

1) It seems to me that some default XP aicrafts are superior to the default FSX/P3D aicrafts that are crap. What do you think?

2) For XP, from your previous postings, I now know Toliss and Flight Factor as airliners addons makers. What about quality GA aircrafts addons makers? Please give me names and my pleasure to Google.


for GA there are many, but I would mention:

- SkunkCrafts ( their P51d is a reference IMH );
- vFlyteAir;
- MLADG (ww2 and some Classic jet fighters / trainers );
- DreamFoil Creations ( helis );
- X-Trident ( helis );
- X-Aviation.

X-Plane is different, just that :-) - Not better, not worst....
Ok thanks jcomm.

Yes I bet there are many, and expected you would give me the best known or most popular, and that's what you did I believe.

There are certainly other good references, but the above are the ones I know better.

Even the Carenados aren't bad at all in X-Plane 11 !

I have added yet another developer that although dedicated to military aircraft does a very nice job.
Thanks and I am amazed for Carenado, normally "medium" quality on FSX/P3D.

BTW, here's an upcoming nice add-on:


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