World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator
That's promising Tony !!!!

Let's hope for the best, for this and Bush Flight Simulator !
Yes, let's hope Smile




I just bought the K21 for Condorsoaring 2 and now I like it - has been updated!

The real thing, which I've flown for quite a while ( 5 yrs ) is prone to be almost impossible to get into a spin, unless you really shift the CoG back...

Maybe the Mi version, because of the dorsal engine, makes spinning easier ?
Finally, I'm not really sure that sim is for us. The map is very limited and there are just 2 airports. I'm not sure they will allow/make new maps. The gliders will also be probably limited. I wonder why they call it "World of...". I don't think I will buy this World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator.

You did well to invest in the K21. I have not reinstalled Condor2 on my new SSD yet.

Well, both the Wilga and the K-21 looked very niceley modeled to me. Also the looks of the scenery and weather rendering, even if very limited.

I praise flight dynamics in the very first place. Unless the systems are hugely limited, I believe I can get interested in both sims... Let's see ...

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