My P3Dv4 initial addons
In the MS FS series, I flew a long time with G/A aircrafts, starting in 2002 with the Dreamfleet Piper Archer. Later it was ported to FS2004 and is still sold nowadays. My first review in the one and only french paper magazine dedicated to sims was for that addon. During a very short period of time I was beta-tester for Dreamfleet but my contribution was poor. I just don't have the beta-testing spirit.

In 2005 I wanted to try helicopters, and chose the best: Dodosim. Having enjoyed an alternative form of flight, I was motivated to try another one: gliding. So I installed a freeware glider by the talented "Wolfang Something" (forgot his complete name) and flew over Emma Field scenery because thermal lifts in that area were modeled! Oh man, that scenery was so innovative for the time, it was "living" (animations, sounds...). It gave also birth to the Bush scenery and flying genre. I got nearly all bush sceneries by "Georender". Later came Bill Womack, Holger Sandman,... Misty Fjords,..., and finally Pacific North West by Orbx.

Late 2005, enjoying the "basic" gliding in MS FS, I searched the web for a dedicated soaring sim and found Condor that was just released April 2005, and Silent Wings. At that time, there was also 2 others old and dying soaring sims (forgot the names). I chose Condor and it was a magic BIG love. Shortly after that we created with RaiderOne (RO), recruited a team, and managed the community until 2016. In the last years it was exhausting and we lost faith in Condor2. Everybody waited it for more than 10 years and it finally came early 2018.

In 2014, I wanted to learn to fly airliners and got the best: the PMDG 777. I bought lots of major airports for the Triple Seven.

In 2015 I stopped FSX and for a change, started DCS with helos (Mi-8 and UH-1). I gave a try to IL-2 BOS too: it was good but I was not hooked in the long run.

2018: I uninstalled DCS (lack of space on SSD) and for a change, got ELITE, and now I'm back on P3Dv4 with the objective to re-learn flying from the ground, from the basics. I don't know how long I will be able to stick to that objective.

To start in good conditions these are the addons I purchased or re-purchased for P3D compatibilty:
  • A2A C172 Trainer
  • A2A Bonanza V35 V-Tail
  • FSUIPC registered
  • FS Tramp (flight planner, the successor of FS Nav)
  • Active Sky (weather)
  • Chase Plane (camera and views management)
Very fortunately, Orbx does not charge fees for using/upgrading FTX Global, Vector, openLC Europe and USA (which I purchased for FSX) on P3Dv4.

Conclusion: see jcomm, I cannot complain, I am already "lucky" and have all necessary stuff to stay busy and enjoy P3D until I get the 777 next year Wink My priority for the end of the year is to get a new 512 Gb SSD (cause right now my SSD is nearly full with P3D) otherwise I won't be able to fly Deadstick and the new glider sim by Aerosoft.

That's indeed a good way to re-start in P3D, and P3Dv4 is a lot more optimized, providing very acceptable performance even on my already old rig based on an i5 2500 @ 3,3 GHz and GTX 960 4GB GDDR5 GPU.

For P3Dv4 I only have FTX Global, Aerosoft Madeira X Evo, the PMDG 777 200-LR and the two FSLabs Airbuses ( A320 and A319 ), but just as you, my SSD disk being only 240 GB imposes limitations on what I can have installed, so P3Dv4 not presently installed, in favour of XP11 :-)

Regarding those other soaring sims, I can only recall SFS ( Soaring Flight Simulator ) which I had up to version 3, and was at it's time a rather sophisticated soaring flight simulator and also another one I even bought, but barely used because although having nice graphics was very poor flight dynamics wise and was made by a Spanish developer and called "SoTS" ( Sailors of the Sky :-) still available through simmarket.

But my first excellent experience with a glider in a flight simulator was that in Flight Unlimited, and then the Stemme glider in Flight Unlimited 3. Wow! For it's time Flight Unlimited was so advanced...

Well, maybe these last two paragraphs should be moved to the "General" sub-forum :-)

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