Why and when change the fuel tank selector?
The reason for changing tanks periodically is to maintain the aircraft’s balance. Otherwise one wing wil be heavier than the other. Cessnas have Both tanks selector, so no need to worry about.

People use different methods that work conveniently for them.
- At the top of the hour
- Every 1/2 hour. Monitor the minute hand on the clock on the panel. Whatever side of the clock it points to, fly on that tank. When 0-30, fly on the right tank. When on 31-59, fly on the left tank.
- Switch to the fullest tank during critical phases of flight (take off and landing)
- Take off on a main tank, switch to a tip tank and then back and forth on the tips, 15 minutes each, until both are empty. It is important to run the tip tanks dry early in the flight because their position at the end of the wing amplify the imbalance. Then alternate the main tanks at 30 minute intervals for the remainder of the flight.

What if
... you forget? One wing gets heavy or the engine quits if the selected tank is empty.

Source: compiled and abstracted from various sources on the internet, for quick and easy reading.


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