Sean Moloney (ex-RealAir) is back into business
Sean Moloney from Vertx Flight Simulation announces Diamond DA62 For P3D v4.

It's really good to see that Sean is back into "business".

I won't miss his "touch" on panels, graphics and gauges anymore.

Of course I miss Rob but he quite deserves his "retirement" I believe.

VERTX: personally I find that the name is not as "powerful" as RealAir but is quite nice and smart, at the intersection of geometry/graphics and aircrafts. I bet Sean found the name himself.

When the VERTX website is online, I'm very curious to discover if Sean is alone (I don't think so) or if there are other members in the dev team. And also who did the flight model.


While all graphics are top-notch, the aircraft really looks like a mosquito and the cockpit seems to come from a science-fi spaceship!

Has Sean released any other airplanes since then?
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No, Sean has not released anything since. He has been offline for a couple of months due to life issues. When he comes back, he will have quite some work to meet the expectations of the community. So I think he will not have the time to create a new plane before 2021 at least.

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