Why do planes have rudders?
Wolfgang Langewiesche Wrote:The important thing to understand about the rudder pedals is that they are unnecessary ; like your wisdom teeth, they serve no very good purpose but can cause much trouble.

The airplane needs no rudder pedals. It should have no rudder pedals.

The only purpose of rudder is to cover up the mistakes of the designers.

As I am in a re-learning the basics of flight, I bought "Stick and rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche. It is said to be a must-read. My opinion: lots of text laid out as a novel, very few sketches and drawings, so not very appealing and not always easy to read. BUT lots of gems!

DHenriquesA2A Wrote:The purpose of the rudder on an airplane is quite simple. It's to keep the tail lined up with the nose.
Dudley Henriques

AKar Wrote:This was one of the Langewiesche's theses that didn't quite stand the test of time. Today, all the airplanes that by design can be flown with feet on floor still come with rudder pedals.


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