How to use the KFC 200 autopilot?
KFC 200 autopilot which is modelled in the A2A Bonanza is an 'attitude-based' autopilot, not a 'rate-based' autopilot like the ones in the Cessnas and Pipers (KAP 140).

As such, the Flight Director is used to command a pitch angle, and it's this that the autopilot will try to maintain; not the rate of climb or descent shown on the VSI.

The other thing to keep in mind is the the vertical trim rocker switch on the autopilot is designed for a press-and-hold type activation rather than momentary presses such as used for the 'up' and 'dn' buttons on the KAP 140.

'ALT' is an alt hold button, not just a means of activating the vertical mode.

To capture the existing pitch angle, you just need to activate the flight director and then engage the autopilot.

Then you can engage whichever lateral mode (HDG, NAV etc.) you wish to use. After you've done this, the aircraft should continue to climb or descend at whatever pitch angle it captured when you engaged the autopilot.

For smooth autopilot engagement in any aircraft is to already be in smooth steady flight before engaging it.

When you press the ARM button on the altitude selector after selecting a new altitude, it will automatically disengage ALT on the annunciator panel. At this point, you can just hold the up/down button on the mode control panel to get the pitch attitude you want for your climb or descent. Just change the power settings as needed and upon reaching the newly-selected altitude, the AP will automatically re-engage its ALT mode to hold that altitude.


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