How to takeoff on a short runway
1. Make the plane as light as possible (passengers, cargo, fuel...).

2. Taxi to the very end of the runway.

3. Apply brakes.

4. Smoothly apply full power and release the brakes once the RPM is in the green arc.

5. About 20% below rotation speed (to avoid drag too soon?), set the flaps to the takeoff position.

6. Once airborne, fly at Vx, which can be found in the Pilot's Operating Handbook. Vx is the  climb at the best angle of climb speed, Vx, which can also be found in the POH.

7. Vx is the slowest speed for maximum angle of climb. It allows to climb to altitude within the shortest horizontal distance, typically to avoid obstacles. This speed will give you the most climb over distance only until energy (airspeed) bleeds off. At that point you must reduce the angle.


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