Default fog or haze (visibility distance)
It kills me that Austin removed the possibility (available in XP10) to set the intensity of the haze. By default it is too much!!!

My PC is rather powerful and I have high (but not max) graphics settings and I suppressed AI aircrafts.

Apparently there is lua scripts workarounds but I don't want to tweak etc.

Ultraweather XP addon has meteo effects and allows to adjust haze but I'm hesitating to throw $35 for one feature (I'm not interested in the other features).

Maybe Active Sky for XP comes with a feature to tweak the haze/fog (not due to the meteo but the default sim)?

Nearly solved by customizing the weather in Flight Conditions.

That's good news!

I never really felt the need for that, so focused I tend to be on the flight dynamics :-)

That's why I easily get shot down in War Thunder or IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad when during an air combat I decide to test the torque effects in my K-4... or how compressibility affects my P-47 in a dive...

You are not a fighter pilot but a test pilot Wink


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