Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Yes ... I've seen this trailer a few hours ago ...

and .... WOW !!!!   Surprised Cool Surprised

If they are (will be) able to run that, I mean those details&that quality InGame, on something else than an "Ultra High End Sim'sPC" ... it will be awesome !

A big game changer as often said !! Clap

Very sudden and surprising announcement !?!
A lot of discussions already (15 pages) on AVSIM

Yeah it's incredible, and will be available for X-Box and PC...

If it's for X-box, maybe it will be more a (very beautiful) game than a sim?

If it's for PC too, I'm afraid that we need a stellar PC to run it.

As a reminder when Flight Simulator X was released, the most powerful PC could not run the software with max settings!

Now we can only wait and see...

From Check-Six forum :

ago266 Wrote:Ce sont les Français d'Asobo Studio à Bordeaux qui développe le prochain MSFS, voila pourquoi nous avons le DR400, TBM850, Cap 10, Marseille, Courchevel
et surement beaucoup plus !.

Mais je pense qu'un certain nombre de personne sur ce forum le savait déjà  :hum:

And one more info ... it will be the quite new technology : "Cloud Gaming" or "Cloud Computing" !
That means it'll be useless to have a PC from NASA !!!
A good and reliable internet connection will be enough to have around 120fps even if your screen is a 4K or if you're using a high-end VR HeadSet !

All the rendering complex calculations would be done remotely on MicroSoft's Servers then sent to your PC like a sort of simple videos stream ...

Promising ...
Yeah, saw that yesterday!

A frenchie Studio behind FS2020! Hard to believe but probably true.

I was told that a subsidiary of that game studio was specialized in sim and cloud computing (Azure) for aeronautical companies like Dassault.

The French Alting Brothers were the main producers for scenery for MSFS 5 !!!

"1994 - Alting Brothers release Europe-1 add on scenery"

Overall this news regarding MSFS's return are really challenging !  I AM SO HAPPY !!!!
A screen posted by the Microsoft dev team. A roadmap will be revealed in the end of the summer.


It looks so real ... that we could say "it's impossible" ! Surprised Doh
I'm holding my breath for MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR.

MS FLIGHT was the * only * reason I returned to flight simulation and bought the desktop I still use, in 2012, to be able to run that simulator. I was extremely disappointed with it's fate though, and from there on started that track, more like a Brownian Walk... among the various sims I used.

I returned at first to FSX, then decided to give X-Plane a try again ... Both were useless investments of time and even more of money. I never really found any of the versions of X-Plane to be true replacements for FSX, and yet FSX was / is now by the hand of P3D, still the very same old stuff... a refurbished FS9 that actually lost some details in terms of Flight dynamics modelling from that older version.

Incursion into the world of combat flight simulation was nevertheless a good oportunity to experiment what we have as best in terms of flight and overall physics modelling. 

Now I just wait for the release of MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR. Still have Aerowinx PSX and ELITE ( now XTS ), but nowadays I use mostly the SIM modes of my glider navigation softwares ( xCSoar, TopHat and LK8000 ) for task training since I use them for my rw soaring flights. Even the soaring simulators I used were a disapointment, the only exception probably being Silentwings, although it has long been frozen in terms of development.

I just sincerely hope that they have something NEW to announce regarding flight dynamics and systems modelling updates for their upcoming title, and wish the MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Team the BEST of the successes :-)

Regarding add-ons, I would rather prefer to see MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR developed in closed circuit, with only a few very specific ares opened to 3rd paries, under strict control of the core MS FLIGHT SIMULATOR team, just as it happens with IL-2 Great Battles, War Thunder and DCS World.
The new FS2020 might be on a subscription per month basis and not a one shot buy. As I understand, the graphics rendering will not be performed on our machine, but on a big cloud computer at MS.

Regarding addons in "closed circuit", there are pros and cons. Me too I like the DCS way: it's simple, there are not too many addons and everybody is on the same boat. On the other hand, if the MSFS series had been in "closed circuit", I'm not sure we would have PMDG level aircrafts as we speak today. And the flightsim landscape would be totally different.

As everybody, I am stunned by the FS2020 videos ans screens. But honestly I am not in a hurry because I am fine with P3D. Especially that I have invested in P3D addons.


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