ToLiss A319 updated to version 1.3.3
jcomm, your love (that is the Toliss), has been updated Wink 

Have you been flying laterly and on which sim and plane? I'm curious.

Mainly IL-2 GB, when I'm in the mood :-)

But the Toliss was my preferred airbus for X-Plane 10 and 11.

For P3D my last airbus was the FSLabs.

None of the buses satisfied me, on either platform... I was even tempted to invest in Airlinetools A32x, aka PSX of the Airbus, but been told it has many bugs, and development progresses slowly :-/

So, pretty much only IL-2 GB these days, looking calmly fwd into what MS FS 2020 may bring.
So you are in a Il-2 era Wink 

I have PSX but confess that I did'nt fly it much since I got it in 2014... already 5 years ago! One day...

Let's see indeed what MS FS 2020 will bring us.

But I'm not in a hurry. Even if MS FS 2020 is released next year, I plan to stay at least 2 years with P3D which I'm satisfied with. And also to get a return on investment of the numerous addons I bought. Last but not least MS FS 2020 needs to get mature Laugh  It won't happen overnight. If next year I fly MS FS 2020, it will be on GA AC.

I see your point Tony, and it makes sense !

Regarding my flight simulation interests, at the moment, and probably as a result of the decay with years & years in front of a monitor playing it, I no longer can get much joy out of simulating an airline flight, and honestly all of the other simulators leave a lot to be desired whrn it comes to the sensation of flying a GA, so, I have adhered to the Air Combat genre, and IL-2 pretty much represents it better thanall I have tested / used so far.

I can take it for a runway circuit, a casual MP dogfight / furbal, very rarely a mission since I do  not have the time, nor the mood to play in such mode. Or...

War Thunder is even better in terms of gameplay - a trully addictive game ! - but when I start looking at the simulation details, specially in the flight dynamics and overall physics modelling I miss IL-2 :-)
Hey, Tony ?!.... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yesterday I landed the tripple seven at LPPT after a short circuit - was really missing it :-)
And why do I always have the sensation that each time I try this sim again it behaves even better than before performance wise?

This turn around I managed to use FSGRW 64 bit version in it's network mode, running it in an ASUS laptop, and the sim in my "main" desktop - even smoother, and I really like the simplicity, but effectiveness of FSGRW.
Hello Jose Bigsmile 

I know what it is to fly again the 777 after an absence Wink In the end, you and me are alike! We do this or that and at a stage we get bored and unninstall, stop, pause or move to something else. But one day or another we end up returning to flightsimming, on a flightsim or another Laugh That is written in our Fate!

I had a period from may to July on the 777 and I had a great time with it but at this time I am in VFR/IFR in small aircrafts, the A2A C172 and a bit the A2A Cherokee (just as by the end of last year).

I imagine that you landed the T7 at LPPT... in P3D? Or FSX? I don't recall what is your last version.

Regarding FSGRW 64 bit version, I've just read that the 64 bit version is recent, april of this year. Over the years, I realized that FSGRW has a small however happy user base.

I use Active Sky in combination with REX Sky Force 3D for clouds and I'm happy so I'll stick with that. I've tried ENVSHADE 2 months ago but was not satisfied so deleted it. Besides, shaders can cause some conflicts with addons, and I'm not anymore into tweaking.

Last but not least: you have great expectations for MSFS 2020, but you know, in the beginning there won't be study-level airliners I believe so you'll have to fly GA AC. Also, in preparation of MSFS 2020, as flightsim is one of your 1-2 main hobbies, maybe you could start to spare money for a new rig. Because your current one is rather old if I recall correctly.

Yes Tony,

having a great time with P3Dv4.5, and the 777 which is my only airliner for that version of P3D. Actually together with the FSLabs A319 and A320 the only aircraft add-ons I have for P3D 64 bit.

And yes, we should have to wait a long time before FS2020, whatever it may become, settles... Meanwhile I see no other choice for me, regarding civil flight simulation, than P3D - I always give up in XP11 for the most various reasons :-/
I am still on P3Dv4.4 because I feel it is a good version and I was lazy to read how to update. I've never done it. Also I'm not sure all the addons I have are compatible.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it Laugh

Me too I have 2 airliners for P3D: the 777 and the Aerosoft A320. I've flown the last one only 5-6 times by curiosity. I've never flown Airbus before in all my flightsim life.

XP is still on my SSD in case I feel the urge to fly another sim but since april P3D is my main sim.


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