What sim enhancement products do you use in P3Dv4?
When using products like PMDG or FSLabs, it makes some sense to invest in:

- specific airport sceney and surrounding areas;
- airport services like those provded by GSX;
- fligh-planning products, like PFPX or the freeware SimBrief;
- a virtual co-pilot to better reproduce the "flows" and CRM in the cockpit, like with FS2Crew;
- ATC robot - I understand PF3 by Oncourse is one of the very best;
- probably some AI injcetor too...

Are you using any of these to enhance your experience with sophisticated aircraft modules, and if you are, what can you offer as comments ?
Hi Jose,

I think you're asking me and not the community Laugh 

I can only speak from the 777 perspective as I don't fly the FS Labs. Please note that while it is unrealistic, I use the 777 for regional flights and not only long hauls.

- Specific airport scenery: LGPG is my main HUB. Besides I have a couple of big airports in Europe, Asia, and North America. But I confess that let alone LFPG, and as you can imagine the more airports you have, the less return on investment because you don't use them all much. Also when I land, I don't necessarily go to the gate. I get addon airports more for the ambiance of the approach. Maybe you can try to be more specific and I will try to answer.

- Airport services: In the FSX times I used to use AES a bit but now GSX is the leader. I don't use it because if you stay only in the cockpit you won't see much operations. Plus I don't like FSDT with their Couatl addon manager. Also many times, I don't have time or I am not in the mood to wait for passengers boarding, catering, etc.

- Flight planning: I have PFPX and I am globally satisfied. I had a quick look at Simbrief but I don't like it. It misses PFPX features which I am used to. You have both if I remember correctly.

- Virtual co-pilot: I have FS2Crew for the 777. I like it. It adds to the ambiance (you are not alone in the cockpit) and it saves you buttons on your joystick because with only 1-2 buttons you can instruct the copilot to do many different actions.

- ATC: I don't use any addon. In the days of FSX I bought Radar Contact (now freeware) but it was complex or maybe I did not invest enough time to master it.

- AI: In all my flightsim life, I've never got an AI package. I know nothing, except that AI is a fps eater and I see guys tweaking this or that and I hate tweaking. Notheless sometimes I wish I could see many airliners parked at gates of big airports like in promotional screenshots. I don't need them moving though.

In the end, I recommend FS2Crew for the 777.
I'm also waiting for Ultimate Ground Crew X by FS2Crew, a push back utility expected to be more realistic than the one provided with the PMDG 777.

Why are you asking this question? You want to invest in some addons to improve your experience?

Today is public holiday in Portugal too?

Thx for your answer Tony,

pretty much my thoughts too should I decide to further invest in this recent install of P3Dv4.5 and the PMDG 777...

Yes, holiday here i Portugal too, and a HOT day!
You are most welcome my friend Smile 

I did not tell you but I stopped the P3D developer version monthly rental last february and bought the P3Dv4 Pro version. Even if v5 is out end of this year or beginning of next year I plan to stay on v4 for a while.

It's sunny but fresh/cold here. Very amazing for August. But as you know the weather is going more and more wild.

If someday you want to purchase FS2Crew for the 777, take:

Quote:FS2Crew: PMDG 777 (Voice and Button Control -P3D 64 Bit) EUR 34.95

No need to take the Captain's Set (P3D 64 Bit) EUR 44.95

If you want to buy a major airport scenery (aside of LPPT), please speak to me before buying and I will be happy to assist/provide comments.

Thx Tony, I surely will.

But P3Dv4.5 is running smooth. Just installed teh A320 and A319 after having upgraded their licenses to the new distributor.

Really don't want to sacrifice performance right now, so I will avoid further add-ons, with the possible exception of FS2Crew, because I do not plan on buying a new desktop - the one I have is the one I bought for MS FLIGHT, so, probably, only MS FS 2020 could make me change ideas :-)
What about that PMDG 747 QOTS ii, v3 ? + 748i companion ?

Just Teasing :-))))
If you bought your PC for MS Flight, then it must have been in 2012-2013. I bought my current one november 2013 and since upgraded the RAM, GPU, and SSD.

I got the PMDG 747 for FSX a couple of years ago but did not like the cockpit at all. A too "old & used" cockpit compared to 777. So I did not get the 747 for P3D.

Right now I'm waiting for the update on the 777 by PMDG, especially the flight bag. I think it's going to happen before the end of the year.

I'm also curious about their "Global Operations".

Yes, it was early 2012 :-) my i5 2500. Only the disks and the GPU changed from the original. It was equipped by then with a GTX 480, which I later upgraded to my GTX 960 4 GB.

So far has been enough to run XP11, P3Dv4 and IL2 as well as DCS, War Thunder and, of course ELITE and PSX :-)

Next time, please consider a "K" processor (even an i5) so that you can overclock easily. P3D is more dependant of CPU than GPU. But GPU is also important of course.

Comparatively the FS Labs is more heavy on fps than the PMDG 777.


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