Upgrade to Windows 10
Hi jcomm,

I saw on AVSIM forum that you are on Win 10 Pro.

I imagine that when you bought your rig you were on Windows 7. So you probably updated to Win 10 later.

My questions:

1) With the upcoming end of support for Win 7, I want to upgrade to Win 10. I have two choice:
a) Do it now ONLY if the upgrade does not imply a reinstall of all my software and flightsims
b) Do it when I have a good reason (eg: problem, crashs, etc.)

2) Where did you buy your Win 10 license?


you can still migrate for free from Win 7 & 8 to Win 10, but I don't know when this possibility will vanish...

In a hurry, will get to you later sry :-/
Thank you Jose.

I actually - stupidly - bought Win 8 a year before Win 10 was released, migrated first from Win 7 to 8, and then the migration to Win 10 Pro was simple, and since my Win 8 license was home pro, the win 10 one got the same "level"...

As to migrating applications, my oppinion is - forget about it... Start from scratch, preferably take the chance to get a pair of good SSDs, one for the C: disk and the other for remaining partitions.

Win 10 has been a very good experience for me. I prefer it to any previous version, well, amybe with teh exception of XP which was great too for it's time.
Thanks, you did answer to my questions. Ok get your story.

I'm happy with my current Win7 but hey I know that I need to move on.

I understand for applications and start from scratch.

Only thing is that applications + flightsims take time and motivation to reinstall so I need to wait for a period of available time and great motivation!

Meanwhile.... I dropped P3Dv4.5, a lot of spare space on my disk :-) - I was waiting for the ELITE XTS - P3D bridge for testing, but it's taking time, and I am good with ELITE default scenery for GNS training purpose.

Back to ELITE XTS and PSX only - not even combat sims!

Waiting for FS 2020 - I hope I will not get disappointed ...

Ah!  You'll need at least Win10 to run it !
Oh man... you dropped already P3D Surprised 

Please keep me informed if there are some major news or updates for ELITE or PSX, in the graphical area (especially the panels definition).


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