Huey for X-Plane

By now I think you are aware that the Huey has been released for XP.

Yeah I know, you are on other sims at this time Wink 

By watching the videos, the sounds sound nice and the F/M seems OK but I am not very impressed by the graphics (supposedly 4K). I don't have the feeling it beats the DCS Huey so I'll pass my turn until I come back to XP.

Hey Tony, yes,

I did buy it, and I like it. Using with XP11.40b1 which is really worth the try.

In some aspects it does stuff better than DCS, in most others it still need fine tuning... It was just released, although more than 1 year of work behind the scene...

BTW: What happened to that Bush FLightsim ?  Got abbandoned ? FS 2020 is smashing pretty much everything else...

Have you seen Austin's videos on what he's working on for the fine tuning and new features Flight Dynamics wise ?

Watch here:

Meanwhile I'm back to War Thunder - full time / only sim now... :-)

You can't catch me... I'm the proof of VSL !
Thanks for you feedback on the Huey.

The Bush Flight Simulator has not been abandoned but early access has beed delayed several times.

I guess Early Access will be available before end of this year.

Thanks for the link to the video. I saw another one new features Flight Dynamics but not this one.

VSL : what is it? Zoom and boom fighting strategy?

VSL = Variable Speed of Light :-)


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