Real Procedures for A320 and B738
Hello, anyone knows some SOPs from any real airline for one of thise two aircrafts?

I want to know evertyhing, from the entry to the cockpit, walkaround, take off and emergency briefings....
Hola Pepe,

The "anyone" is me and jcomm (Jose) Laugh 

I'm not an hardcore flyer and I don't fly the A320.

But Jose loves the A320, so let's wait and see.

Un saludo.

I would start with an intersting read about SOPs here:

I'll look in my other desktop for effective Airbus SOPs, but I do not recall if I've saved ab«ny :-/
Here is a virtual easyJet SOP. I wanted a real one, but nothing matter. I keep searching.

.pdf   vezy_SOP.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 93)

.pdf   vRYR_B738_SOP.pdf (Size: 1.41 MB / Downloads: 76)

Virtual Ryan Air.
Thx DJ_Evola!
(09-18-2019, 04:14 PM)jcomm Wrote: Thx DJ_Evola!
Thanks to you for the interesting liks also.

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