What are your plans for flightsimming?
During the last summer I was on a medical leave at home for 2 months and I flew a lot P3D. Now I'm back to work and don't fly so much. Recently I started P3Dv4 only to beta-test UCGX, a pushback utility.

I'm a bit sad with the slow down of addons releases for P3D, due to the announcement of FS2020. Right now I'm considering the Quality Wings Boeing 787 v1.2 but I don't know if I will have time to fly it enough to get a return on investment. I'm also waiting patiently for:
  • Xtreme Prototypes Learjet v3 (I've never flown seriously a jet in FS)
  • Dodosim for P3D
  • Orbx Asia Open LC
After that, I'll get a few major aiports in Asia for my PMDG777. Then I will "freeze" my P3D until FS2020 is out AND becomes mature. That will be the trigger for me to buy a new computer.

At this time, I think that, unless we have a big surprise, the decline of P3D has started...

On a side note, Deadstick - Bush Flight Simulator has chances to be released (Early Access) before the end of the year.

How about you guys?

I've pretty much lost all interest in civil simming.

I have an XP11 backup, that I restore to test new releases that look worth the try, like 11.40 with the new fdm enhancements, but I soon loose interest.

FSLabs A319/20 were together with the PMDG 777 the only aircraft add-ons I used with P3D, but I don't like FSLabs Airbuses, and I do not have the patience to make sophisticated airline simulation anymore.

Also used P3D with ELITE XTS for visuals.

I "derrailed" into combat sims, lost most interest in DCS World, IL-2 used to be my goto sim, but even that one, for this or that reasons ended up being a 2nd choice.

My only flight simulation sessions these days are in War Thunder, simulator mode, and I don't see chances of this changing significantly. War Thunder provides me a lot of fun and I'm not up to "complex" simming anymore.

Maybe XP12 or FS2020 can change this state of mind, but I doubt it...
(10-05-2019, 10:56 AM)jcomm Wrote: I "derrailed"


(10-05-2019, 10:56 AM)jcomm Wrote: I'm not up to "complex" simming anymore.

I confess that I have considered Ace Combat 7 Cool

Mayube the more we grow older, the more we like simplicity?

Well, I,m in the other side. I love study level airplanes and there is sooooooo much I still have to learn (I recently discovered the Flight crew training documentation, practice abnormal situations, in cockpit fuel recalculation, icing conditions...) 

I will stay witn xplane to train and master the A320 and B738 and this is not going to happend in a near future. Loocking forward to MS2020 but my pc is old and I don't have money to buy another one.

honestly, if you're really up to detail, do yourself a favour and go PSX.

You will be "limited" to the various ( many ) variants of the 744, but you will have a 2nd to none simulation of the real Boeing 744 like no other sim ( less the LevelD ) or add-on can offer... ( PMDGs are a toy compared to it... )

If you feel limited by the visuals, then since you own X-Plane, you can use it with a 2nd monitor or computer / monitors, to complement the excelling cahracteristics of Aerowinx PSX with plausible World visuals ( there are also variants for P3D ).

As far as the Airbus simulation goes, unfortunately, FSLabs, FF A320 and Toliss A319 are all pretty much buggy / limited in even basic aspects, as you will sometimes find in my posts at their forums... There's only one other way to go, but it's expensive and has a small team behind, and a lot of bugs to solve, although it is the only throrough simulation of an Airbus and it's FULL systems for a desktop / laptop - Airlinetools A32x

Been there, done all of that - too old to continue getting the joy I used to take from playing those sims :-/

IRL I've been flying for almost 39 year ( 39 in October 31 ), but my interest for flight simulation began with fs2, and progressed through about 30 yrs till now. Was a dedicate MSFS user, used XP since it's first version available around 1993, then many others, some of them almost unknown to most simmers, like IFT-Pro, LAS-VFR and even RTS-Pro the precursor ALSIM as it is today... Some combat sims too in my long list.

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